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The Internet 5N1611 QQI/FETAC Level 5

The purpose of the award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to use the internet for communication, research, collaboration, e-Commerce and web authoring in a secure and confidential manner in a range of personal and work contexts
Who should apply:

It is highly suited for those who are currently working with websites and wishes to acquire up-to-date skills in on-line marketing, e.g. web developers, web designers, content manager, web-masters.

Business owners who wish to take advantage of the internet as a marketing channel for their business.



Learners will be able to:
1 Summarise the development of the internet, its growth and current trends in its development
2 Investigate the use of the internet for a range of purposes to include voice and written communication, information search, file downloading, file sharing and e-Commerce
3 Explore security and confidentiality measures to internet usage to include user authentication, anti-virus protection, encryption and firewalls
4 Discuss the currently available methods of internet connection to include wired, wireless, cable and mobile connections and their relative suitability for home and business users
5 Explore the use of web authoring applications to create web pages and manage content to include word processors, desktop publishing programs, website management systems, webpage builders and HTML editors
6 Comment on the range of services offered by internet service providers (ISPs) to include their cost, functionality, capacity and suitability for home and business users
7 Explore the uses of collaborative applications to include wikis and shared documents such as Google Docs
8 Use the internet to compose, send, receive and store electronic mail to include attaching a file to an email and managing email folders
9 Use the internet to search for, retrieve, store, send and receive information
10 Design a basic webpage for the World Wide Web using Hypertext Markup Language or an appropriate software package
11 Identify appropriate enterprise software to meet a range of business requirements to include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Payments Systems and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems
12 Apply the principles of web design to include site layout and the technical, linguistic and graphical merits and deficiencies of a website using accepted heuristic guidelines
13 Recommend appropriate methods of connecting to the internet based on user requirements to include connectivity, usage levels, speed and cost.




Assessment Technique:  
       Project    40%        Skills Demonstration   40%    Assignment  20%     



The grading of the QQI/FETAC component is as follows:


Pass   - 50-64%          Merit   -   65-79%         Distinction  -  80-100%


G Training Centre, Gorey


Costing from : €200 - €300   (including Administration Fee)          This price does not include QQI/FETAC Certification Fees



Duration: 10 - 12 weeks            Start Date: To be Confirmed



Entry Requirements:


Learner is required to be familiar with the standard keyboard and possess basic computer skills in order to ensure successful participation in the programme, through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience.
All prospective learners MUST demonstrate an active interest in working with computers and learning computer theory.




Component Certification:
Following successful completion Kilmuckridge Centre of Further Education will offer a QQI/ FETAC Level 5 component in The Internet 5N1611 QQI/FETAC which is a Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications.




Learner Progression
The Internet 5N1611 QQI/FETAC Level 5 is a component of
eBusiness Level 5
Learners who successfully complete this programme may use the associated credits as a stand alone qualification or as one component of a Major Award, with a view to moving up to the next level.




Additional Information


All training is delivered in a friendly and comfortable training centre with experienced and dedicated tutors focusing on ensuring each trainee is given every opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in order to excel in their technology sector.



To view more information in relation to the specific learning outcomes of this component please see the full Component Specification which is available on the QQI/FETAC website.


To find out if the above component is currently scheduled please visit our Course Scheduled page.


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