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Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394 QQI/FETAC Level 5

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in legal practice and principles to enable the learner to appreciate the role of law in a range of vocational context and within their personal lives.
Who should apply:
Students who wish to obtain a general understanding of the legal principles.
Learners will be able to:
1Identify the sources Irish law to include an explanation of the features of each source
2 Assess the role of the Constitution in the Irish legal system
3 Explain the meaning of common general legal terms to include plaintiff, defendant, injunction, in camera and precedent
4 Outline the structure of the Irish judicial system to include the hierarchy, jurisdiction and function of courts within the Irish court system
5 Outline the role and function of personnel within the Irish legal system
6 Explore the impact of European Law on the Irish legal system
7 Define the nature of tort to include the recognition between tort and other civil and criminal wrongs
8 Describe the proceedings in a Court of law
9 Evaluate relevant documents and legislation relevant to a specific vocational area
10 Identify the main categories of remedies available to include compensation, injunction, declaration, specific performance and judicial review
11 Evaluate the impact of European Law on Irish Law
12 Distinguish between civil and criminal, public and private and procedural and substantive law
Assessment Technique:  
Assignment  60%         Exam   40%
The grading of the QQI/FETAC component is as follows:

Pass   - 50-64%          Merit   -   65-79%         Distinction  -  80-100%

G Training Centre, Gorey
Costing: €200 - €300 (including Administration Fee)          This price does not include QQI/FETAC Certification Fees
Duration: 10 - 12 weeks            Start Date: To be Confirmed
Entry Requirements:
Learner is required to have a strong interest in the provision of Legal Practice in order to ensure successful participation in the programme, through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience.
Component Certification:
Following successful completion Kilmuckridge Centre of Further Education will offer a QQI/ FETAC Level 5 component in Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394 QQI/FETAC which is a Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications.
Learner Progression
Legal Practice and Procedures 5N1394 QQI/FETAC Level 5 is a component of
Applied Social Studies Level 5
Learners who successfully complete this programme may use the associated credits as a stand alone qualification or as one component of a Major Award, with a view to moving up to the next level.
Additional Information
All training is delivered in a friendly and comfortable training centre with experienced and dedicated tutors focusing on ensuring each trainee is given every opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in order to excel in their social and legal role.
To view more information in relation to the specific learning outcomes of this component please see the full Component Specification which is available on the QQI/FETAC website.

To find out if the above component is currently scheduled please visit our Course Scheduled page

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